Jukka Nieminen

M.Sc. Industrial Management

Jukka Nieminen oversees the holdings of Beneq Group and provides strategic insight and guidance. He focuses on creating growth through acquisitions and ventures into deep tech companies.

Nieminen joined Beneq in 2015 and has served as President from 2016 onwards. He is a seasoned international technology business executive with over 25 years of leadership experience in businesses including paper machinery, optical fiber, fire safety, photovoltaics, engineered plastics, technical trade of devices and appliances, thin film equipment, and electroluminescent displays.

Minna-Mari Ahokas

M.Sc. Economics

Minna-Mari Ahokas leads the funding, controlling and administration areas within Beneq Group Oy’s portfolio companies and in new investment opportunities.

Ahokas joined Beneq in 2013 as controller and served as VP Finance & Administration before taking on her current role. Prior to joining Beneq, she served in a similar role in a Finnish refrigeration technology company.